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Every member of our team is different, and yet we have one thing in common: profound knowledge and many years of experience. We provide you with support on relevant future topics. Get to know us.



Since childhood, trees have fascinated him. Today Conrad is a successful author of tree books, a sought-after nature photographer and lecturer. As a green consultant he supports companies and communities in a better way of dealing with nature. With nature’s help he wants to increase the quality of life and promote health. He successfully managed the company KunstKontakt.
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Der Gründer

He is a designer and a visionary. The CREATIVITY FOR FUTURE vision would never have become reality without Joachim. For more than 30 years now he has been planning and building extraordinary constructions for the best hotels and destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. His designs are award-winning. Geomancy and Energetics are his speciality.

Joachim G. Hallwachs

Architecture, Design

When it comes to money, no one can fool him easily. Bruno, our finance and real estate expert, has 30 years of experience in private banking and corporate finance. He was regional director of the largest bank in Eastern Switzerland and chairman of the bank management of a Raiffeisen bank. Since 2015 he has been working in the areas of financial consulting and real estate.

Bruno Kurath



Gerhard knows the hotel business like no one else. He picked it up from scratch. For 40 years, 30 of them in management, he worked for international hotel groups in the USA, China, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe. He is our specialist for repositioning and profit center accounting. He leads G.E.M. Hospitality Consulting and Event Organisation.
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He started with an apprenticeship as a butcher. Today Thomas belongs to the international elite of the hotel business scene. He currently runs the Hotel 2 Fèvrier Lomè in Togo. To assess him correctly, a glance at his professional stations might be sufficient: Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe. In 2009 he received the title "Best Hotel Manager in Europe".

Thomas Noll


His heart beats for tourism. He is an out and out hotelier. Thomas is our tourism and golf expert. He develops future concepts for hotels and destinations. He managed the well-known Tiroler Schlosshotel Imst and was a board member of hotel associations. Today, he is a much sought-after tourism consultant and has an excellent international network.

Thomas Raggl


Her enthusiasm for the intelligence of nature developed into passion. After years in marketing and sales, Marianne made natural cosmetics and holistic treatments her profession in 2005. With Schnaitmann Beauty GmbH, she supports the efficiency and success of hotel spas in Europe. Our spa expert sees the spa as part of a holistic health prevention.
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Marianne Schnaitmann

Spa and Beauty

Marc enjoys dealing with current challenges and future market developments. He specialises in business processes, performance analysis and performance management. Digital transformation and sustainability are also among his topics. He has more than ten years of experience in the international hotel industry and previously worked in the banking, construction and IT sectors. He leads the Navigator Hospitality Consulting.
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Marc Schreiber



Anyone who has worked for 40 years on three continents in the world's top hotels has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. For the past eleven years, Peter led the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG as CEO, thus combining the hotel industry and health care. His special area of expertise is construction management. He advises numerous international companies.
He really fancies wood. Since 1990 Alfons has been living his passion for the carpentry trade. From this sustainable raw material, he designs unique interior fittings. He focuses on differentiated, special and innovative treatment of surfaces. The reference list of his workshop Alfons Wimmer und Innenausbau GmbH is very long. For example: all hotels in the Europa Park Rust or the Hotel Hyatt in Vienna.
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Alfons "Alf" Wimmer

Interior Design

Further experts

Tailored to your specific needs

Tailored to your specific needs. We can call in the best in the industry for you, individually and project-related from our long-standing network. Our international network includes: architecture, illumination, biology, entertainment, nutrition, communication (press and social media), art, landscape architect, medical, real estate, physiotherapy, legal affairs, realisation of wellness facilities and hotel/spa management.
The following experts are permanently working with us

Konrad K. Höfinger

Sports scientist, fitness coach,

Katharina Hönig

Biotechnologist, holistic health expert

Patricia Karg

Sculptress, light artist

Dorothea Nieroba

Architecture and

Peter Papula

Journalist, fitness-specialist

Michael Perfler

Idea-designer, entertainer and presenter

Michaela Reitterer

Hotelière and Sustainability

Ingo Schnaitmann

Corporate communications
(PR , Social media)

Beatrice Schötz

Landscape architect

Klaus-Dieter Witzger

Consulting and Relationship

Additional experts

On request

Additional expertse

On request

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